What Are Hand Signals For Dogs

Training your little puppy or a dog is not an easy task; hence you should always take some external help and guidance while trying to do the needful. Using wrong methods can harm your dog or puppy, rather than teach them any good. Today, if you keep reading this article, we will answer a question “what are dog hand signals?” and how you apply it on your dog.

Also, before proceeding to train your dog the way you want, you should always consider consulting with a professional first.

The Importance Of Dog Hand Gestures

Now, unlike human beings, dogs cannot understand our language, though they can hear what we are trying to tell them, but they cannot interpret it correctly. And this is why hand gestures and signs become vital when you are to train your dog. Now, you can also use verbal commands, but mixing them with hand gestures can help you achieve way more (do them separately). Hence, it is very vital to teach them that too.

In fact, the majority (if not all) of the professional dog trainers will use the hand signals while training any dog. This is because they are easy to apply for a trainer and also very easy to learn and understand for a dog. Also, hands signs are pictorial in nature; hence you can grab the added attention of your dog thanks to them. And, when you are a dog, you need all the help in the world to understand what exactly your master wants from you!

So, What Exactly Are Hand Signals For Dogs?

Now, as you may know from before, hand signals are based upon sign language. By using your hand, you can give gestures to your dog in various situations. It includes commands of sitting down, lying down or coming to you, and so on. Although there are numerous dog signals which are standard as per dog trainers, but for your convenience, you can always use and make your own are per your and your dog’s preferences.

Why Should I Use Dog Hand Signals?

Well, as above said, using signs can help your dog to understand even better what you are trying to tell them. In fact, along with voice commands, they are a great way to teach your dog. But, there are many more reasons why you should initially use the dog hand gestures.

First of all, dogs are far better at reading body language, rather than acknowledging sound commands. It is because they are not accustomed to sounds and voices. In fact, if you have just started training your dog, it is better to use hand gestures rather than voice commands, as your dog will better and quicker understand that.

Also, if your dog (we hope not) is deaf, then the only way to communicate with them is using hand signals. And, when your dog is into any sport, hand signals are a great way to make them understand what they need to know without being too loud. In fact, all the dog obedience programs and competitions are based on sign languages!

Also, another perfect reason why you should use sign language is that, believe it or not, and it is an enjoyable thing to do, when you teach or are in the process of teaching, your dog some signs, you will find that you and your dog are having fun while doing it. And, this will, in turn, create a massive bond between you and your dog which will be there for many years to come. Besides, you can also show your friends and family that your dog can do tricks with the help of your signs!

How To Train A Dog Using Hand Signals?

Well, it is a straightforward one; you will have to pay attention and also save some patience when you are teaching them. Just remember, as you do verbal commands, you will have to follow few steps and tips.

First of all, start with grabbing your little puppy or dog’s attention; make sure that they see your hand gestures. And these gestures can be anything as per your liking. Now, give your sign and if you are telling your loved pet to sit, then take out your palm and keep it beside your body. Then, take it to a level which is next to the floor. Now, once you have got the gist of it, you can use other signs and then teach them to your dog. For example; when you are showing how to come to you, then use your arm to gesture a call to them. And of course, treat them with food treats when they do well.

Some Things Which You Should Remember As You Start

When you are trying to communicate with your hand, then do not start verbal training of your dog simultaneously. Doing so will surely confuse your pup. Hence keep separate training for both. Also, there is a good chance that your dog already knows some verbal sound (as they are living with you) hence start with hand gestures first rather than verbal sounds. So, get going and remember; dog training and dog hand signals are two which go together.

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