8 Tips & Tricks to Keep Your Dog From Jumping The Fence

You can prevent your Furry Houdini from performing their disappearing tricks by first understanding what compels them to hopping over fences. How can you keep them in the yard, if they believe your fence is nothing more than a small bump in their road to freedom. Here are some tips and general advice that will help control your dog’s desire to leave the safe confines of home.

Be Attentive

A dog who keeps jumping over fences gets all kinds of attention. His owner is chasing after him, calling him, and trying to catch up with him. The neighbor may be yelling at him or trying to help catch him too. What a great game! Your dog loves it!

If the only time your canine friend gets your attention is when he’s doing something naughty, rest assured that he’ll keep doing it!

Increase Exercise

Many dog owners mistakenly think that dogs get enough exercise from running around the yard. Canines are very high energy animals, and they need a lot more physical activity than they can get in a fenced yard.

A long walk every morning and evening will burn off some of that excess energy. Take him to the dog park every day so he can run and play with his doggy friends. Remember that a tired dog will be napping, not plotting his next escape from your yard.
Fun-Filled Yard

Fun-Filled Yard

Make your yard a fun place for him. He should have a digging pit that he can excavate to his heart’s content. If he’s by himself for a portion of the day, give him a Kong toy stuffed with peanut butter or a treat. This will keep him happily occupied for a while,

Remember that dogs are social animals. Leaving a dog along in a yard all day with nothing to do invites dog behavior problems. He’ll find a way to entertain himself that may include figuring out how to get over that fence.

Minimize Separation

Does your dog have separation anxiety? One reason for chronic fence jumping in dogs is that he’s looking for you. If your dog is too attached to you, he could be having a canine version of a panic attack when you leave him alone.

There are some exceptions though. Some dogs suffer from separation anxiety which is a psychological condition and may need behavior modification treatment and medication. Dogs with this condition may bark, cry, whine, defecate and destroy things when left alone at home. However, there is a difference between a dog with genuine separation anxiety and a dog that is sad just because he sees you leave. If your dog does not suffer from this condition, he may bark and cry when you leave but as soon as you disappear he may pick up a rawhide and occupy himself or he may take a nap. One thing you can be certain of, he will know how to cope with the situation during your absence.

However, this does not mean that you should not get a playmate for your dog. Most dogs would enjoy the company of another dog. But before you decide to get another dog you will have to make sure that you have enough time. Because, if you are having difficulty making time for one dog you will definitely find it more difficult to make time for two dogs. You’ll have to remember that everything you do for your dog will be doubled. For instance, you will have to groom and exercise two dogs. Furthermore, two dogs in the house playing and running around can be twice as naughty and may get on your nerves. But of course, having two dogs can also be twice as comforting and loving for you.

Social Interaction

Take them to dog park to make friends, so that they look forward to being home so you can take them there, rather than jumping the fence.

If they’re sexually active. maybe, they’re looking for a girlfriend, as male dogs normally roam around, looking for females. Neutering him before he’s a year old will help to keep him home where he belongs. If you have a female, have her spayed to prevent male dogs from hanging around your yard when she’s in heat. We all love puppies, but there just aren’t enough homes to go around. Having your dog neutered or spayed prevents pet overpopulation.

Reduce Loneliness

Most people have to work, so if you have a dog, it just means that he may be left at home all alone but you should not feel guilty about that. In reality, you cannot be with your dog all the time and it would not be healthy for you or for him anyway. You need to have some time of your own away from your dog and your dog likewise needs to have some time for himself to relax.

You need not worry about your dog fretting and pining for you when you are at work. Most dogs sleep when their owners are away and your dog probably does the same thing. Not because your dog greets you excitedly by the door when you come home means that he was up the whole time, he probably just woke up five minutes ago. He has such an excellent sense of hearing that most likely he heard you driving down the road or heard when your car pulled in the driveway or heard you enter the apartment. Whichever way, he has plenty of warning so he will be waiting for you at the door and greet you when you open it.

Find Playmates

Does your dog need a doggy friend to play with. Most working people who own dogs may have to leave their dogs alone at home during the day or night while they are at work. They worry and may even feel guilty that they left their dog all by himself. Their dog may cry when they leave or, if their dog has a behavioral problem, he may destroy things in the house.

Some people may even think that if their dog had another dog to play with he may not cry or destroy things and would not mind when their owner goes to work. But should you get another dog to keep your dog’s company when you are at work? The following will help you decide whether it is necessary for you to get another dog.

One thing that you will have to take into consideration when getting another dog is your dog’s reaction. Not every dog likes to have a new dog come into the house as part of the family. Dogs can also be as jealous and possessive as people. Therefore, if your dog has a very strong bond with you, he will definitely not like to share your time and attention with a new dog.

In some extreme cases, two dogs may not get along at all and you may have to find a new home for one of them. Your dog may get along well with other dogs in neutral places but bringing a new dog into the house could be completely different. It could take a while before your dog accepts a new dog into the house and things could become very tense between the two until they decide to call a truce.

It could be a good idea to get a playmate for your dog but it’s not something that you have to rush into. Think about the situation carefully and the amount of your time that both of them will take up and consider how your dog will react to it. Once you have carefully thought it out, you will be in a good position to make a good decision.

Safety Net

Stopping a dog from jumping a fence can be challenging because it’s self-rewarding.  What this means is that every time you pup escapes, he’s getting what he wanted.  This guarantees that he’ll keep doing it.  It’s up to you to teach him that his own yard is a better place to be.