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Doggy Dan Review: The Online Dog Trainer Membership Perks

Learn how to properly instruct your dog with love over discipline via extensive training videos from Doggy Dan and his ever-growing community.

Below, we review member’s area perks and how you can use them to guide you every step of the way. Properly training your dog is essential to ensuring a happy home for your entire family. Teaching your dog simple commands and easy to learn potty habits can make all the difference in the world.

Online Training

Doggy Dan is the founder of the very famous online dog training program that is designed for dog owners. It is called The Online Dog Trainer, and has already received some excellent reviews from customers who have followed his training method.

He makes use of the Doggy Dan five Golden Rules, which are the foundation of his training method. This helps to control the behavior of dogs.

His main goal is to share his wealth of experience and different techniques with dog lovers so they can be able to successfully train their dogs.

One of the reasons why most people consider his method to be the best is that unlike other trainers, he doesn’t only focus on your dog’s problems, but he will also get to the root of it, and ensure that it is solved completely once and for all.

On his website, you can sign up for just $1 which lets you enjoy a 3-day trial for $1, where you can watch as many videos as you like.

Why Choose Doggy Dan?

First of all, Doggy Dan’s training program is in video form, which means that he doesn’t give you a whole lot of data for you to read and try to understand. No, he goes further and illustrates this in video form. Not only do you get to know what to do, but you also get to see HOW to do it.

The site is simple to use and straightforward and you can be able to follow and navigate the different sections from one to the next. If you want to, you can also jump from one section to another as you wish.

This is much better compared to reading an eBook that only gives you the training procedures in point form, and according to research, human beings are more visual, which means that they understand more by watching, rather than reading.

The entire program, if you decide to take it on – and, it is advisable that you do, – if you own a dog, is $37 each month. There are however two options you can try before buying:

The sign-up is simple and easy, plus customer support is available and very fast to help you if you run into any difficulties.

The Five Golden Rules

Here are Doggy Dan’s five Golden rules;

  1. Who controls the food?
  2. Who will take care of any danger?
  3. When you are away from your dog, who is in charge?
  4. Who dictates the terms? – does your dog ever listen to you, do you listen to your dog?
  5. Who walks who?

This is the basis of the training program, and these rules are effective, but they can be ineffective if you – as the dog owner, do not behave like the pack leader.

Implementing these five rules during your daily training routine shall impose you as the authority figure in the house, -and not in any negative way.

Your dog should be able to show you that you are the pack leader, and never the other way round. The rules are simple and easy to implement, and they do not require too much time.

One of the qualities you will love most about these rules is that they do not use aggression, punishment or fear to accomplish goals.

Doggy Dan provides his clients with a hard copy of the rules so they can copy and paste them anywhere they wish. This serves as a constant reminder of what they are supposed to do.

How Does it Work?

Now, when it comes to real training, Doggy Dan’s philosophy is based on the idea of creating what he calls a “pack.” This is similar to a wolf pack.

This training process that involves the- pack leader process is sometimes referred to as the “alpha dog training,” or “the dog whispering training.”

Doggy Dan gives lots of attention to positive reinforcement and says that this is very good for your dog’s overall good health and general well-being.

Positive reinforcement means that you reward your dog for the right behavior, and if the training doesn’t work, you should use correction techniques to correct your dog.

How To Become a Pack Leader

This part of the program tells you how you can be the leader of the pack in your family. The entire point of having a hierarchy system is so that your dog learns to respect YOU as the leader, and they need to accept that they are lower in the rank compared to you.

For you to become the pack leader, like in a wolf pack, you must act like the wolf mother. This is essential when training your puppy.

If you do not do this, your dog will end up asserting themselves as the pack leader in the family and they will control the entire household with their bad behavior.

Establish Dominance Early 

When you bring your dog home on the first day, they should contemplate the humans within the household as members of a pack, and as such, they are supposed to find their way.

  • From the first moment, by use of coherent and serene attitudes, send the dog necessary messages so that they understand that all the humans in the house are above them.
  • This is establishing a hierarchy and even if the family expands and a new human joins the household, they understand that even the new human is above them.
  • Ensure to create a safe environment for your dog, where he doesn’t detect danger from anyone in the house.

Clearly Demonstrate Leadership Qualities

According to Doggy Dan, here are some points to help you establish leadership with your dog;

  • You should never respond to your dog’s demands for attention. Ignore him and you should also not look at him or speak to him.
  • When he stops asking for your attention, you can then give him some caresses, cuddles and even play some games with him.
  • This may sound harsh, but a dog accepts to be at the bottom of the pack when you show them that you are the leader. In fact, this will make life easier for both of you.
  • Don’t give him food when you are at the table, as the dog will interpret this to mean that you have interrupted your eating to feed them.
  • Only give the dog food when the family has finished eating and the table has been cleared. The dog should be the last one to eat. Don’t even go near the dog’s trough until they have finished eating.
  • Do not allow your dog to climb on the sofa and the bed unless it is your initiative. This is one of the best ways to show them who has the upper rank.
  • As the leader, you should always go first through corridors, doors, and stairs.
  • When playing a game, always start and finish the game when you want to, and not when the dog wants to. 
  • Give your dog caresses and cuddles when you want to.

Useful Pack Leader Tips

  • Follow Doggy Dan’s five basic rules. These will help you learn how to become the pack leader in your home. They are tried and tested methods that yield excellent results.
  • One of the five rules is gesturing that it’s eating time when you eat in front of your dog, but you do not feed him first. This is based on the fact that the alpha always eats first, before the lower-ranking members of the pack.
  • The lower-ranking members are supposed to wait until you finish eating, and once you place food in front of the dog, you should remove it immediately if they do not start eating.
  • This shows them that you are in charge of the food and you control all of the resources in the home.
  • Another important tip is to ignore your dog after you separate from them.
  • This means that when you arrive home, you should never acknowledge them. Isolation is a training technique that is used to show the dog who is the leader.
  • It is, however, important to do this carefully and ensure that you do not hit your dog, or slam him or shout at him.
  • He may confuse this to be punishment.
  • With good training, you can change your dog’s bad behaviors such as chewing incessantly, barking, biting, pulling on the leash, not using the toilet, etc.