17 Cool, Unique, Useful & Funny Dog Tricks + How to Teach

Try these cute and easy-to-learn pet tricks that are wildly fun to teach your dog. Top rankings in our list are given to the ingenious and the inspired, along with those who dazzle with a little bit of weird.

Getting Started

If you’re just beginning with your dog and want to teach him or her some cool dog tricks, then you will prefer to gather all the data you are able to on various methods and approaches. Not all dogs are the same, and so what works for one might not work for another breed. This is how come it’s critical that you’re patient when working with your dog, and change the approach you are using if necessary.

It’s always easier getting pups to learn new dog tricks, but that does not mean that you can not teach your older dog as well. One significant thing to remember about training, is that it is all about praising them when they do good, and being patient with them once they do not quite get it. This will advance them along and help make the entire process of commandment them new cool dog tricks smoother.

Top Dog Tricks

Below you’ll find our Top 17 funny dog tricks along with their instructional videos and commentary about why they’re fun to teach and why your pooch will love them too!

1. Hide and seek

Once a dog has mastered basic obedience training move on to more sophisticated actions that teach it to follow routines on command. Hide an object and tell the dog to ‘find’ or ‘seek’ it, starting with a familiar toy and moving on to other objects – make a fuss of your pet and reward each time the dog is successful. When fully proficient, the dog will eventually be able to fetch dropped gloves, newspapers or car keys and bring them back to you.


2. Mix n’ match

To teach the dog the names of different objects and then identify them on command. Start with known items such as dog toys and offer high praise and a reward when the name is matched by fetching the right one.


3. Tidy up time

A trick that encourages tidying up following playtime is to teach the dog that has learned to identify a few objects to fetch them and deposit them in a box. Enunciate carefully and stay watchful, otherwise there may be objects belonging to family members that find their way into the dog’s custody.

4. Delayed gratification

A great trick that is really impressive is teaching the dog to balance a favorite treat on his nose until the command is given to toss it in the air and catch it. Patience is needed for this one, and the dog’s obedience skills must be very sharp. With the right approach, most dogs can be trained and both purebred dogs and popular celebrity designer dog breeds enjoy learning a variety of tricks.


5. Attention seekers

It is important to maintain eye contact when teaching a dog and to reward correct actions; this helps in teaching dogs to ring bells or bark on cue. Sometimes they can pull on a rope, or use their noses or paws, depending on what they have been taught to do already. When the bell rings, of course, they get a treat.

6. Riding tricks

Dogs who get used to riding in automobiles can easily be convinced to try smaller vehicles, such as skateboards or carts. Starting slowly with lots of encouragement and a reward every few feet soon convinces them to be brave and enjoy the ride.


7. Opening doors

Some dogs learn how to do this by themselves as a result of frustration with being pent up – far better to encourage them first to jump up and grasp the handle, when a reward is due, and then to pull down on the lever to open the door when they get double helpings.


8. Take a friend for a walk

As soon as a dog can hold something in its mouth, and particularly if it is friendly towards other animals, it can be taught to hold a leash and take another pet for a walk. Make sure the dog is used to having the leash in its mouth and then work towards attaching another friendly animal to the other end.

9. Give me your paw

At the start let your dog sit down. Once you spoke “give me your paw”, get your pets paw in your palm. Reward him and offer him a snack. Continue doing this method several times. Right after every test offer your pet a bit more time well before getting his paw. During this stage your pet should already know to give his paw once you say “paw”. Dogs learn this fairly easily. Soon after a few classes he needs to have it down pat. And this is how you teach a dog to give a paw.


10. `teach dog to high five

Don’t know how to teach a dog to high five? Grab a dog reward and bit by bit increase you hand relatively higher compared to trick shown in the above paragraph. Your pet will probably react very much the same as in the paw trick. Once dog offers you paw just spoke “high five” and offer him a goody and a pat on the head. Once perfecting the give me your paw, that one would have been a snap for him to discover. Soon after couple times he’ll give you a high five with only a hand motion instead of giving him the voice command and a reward.

11. Teaching your dog to jump thru a ring

Once you begin teaching your dog to perform this trick, take care not to keep the ring way too high so that your dog does not hurt himself. Let’s begin…Face your dog, having the ring on top of the soil in front of him when dog sitting. Following, get the dog’s focus at the same time when you holding a goody using the other hand (your dog needs to be sitting down during this stage in the deal.) When you are in place, give your dog the “OK” to go after the reward. At first he will probably attempt to go all-around or beneath the ring. In cases where he does this, begin from the start without rewarding your dog. The dog wants his treat so soon he’ll discover that heading throughout the ring is the only method to have it. Once he does go throughout the ring, say “HOOP”. Reapeat and have fun!

12. Dance

How to teach a dog to dance? This trick might in reality be helpful once your dog has a hard time with the “Off” command once he’s hopping on people. Occasionally dogs respond well to replacement behavior, and teaching him how to dance is a great way to put all that energy to work.

Each time your pet gets crazy and is hopping around you, command “Dance” while you gently take and hold his front legs, drawing him to stand on his hind legs. Sway him from right to left a bittie. Praise him, give him a treat, and gently put him back on the floor.


13. Pray

How to teach your dog to pray? Easy! The aim is to have your dog put his head down between his paws on the command “Pray,” or “Say your prayers,” and all of your friends and family to say, “Awwww! So cute!”

Get by sitting in a chair with your dog in the “Sit/Stay” set in front of you. Put a goody on the chair between your legs. Command your dog to “Pray,” and so encourage him or place both of his paws on the chair while he remains in the “Sit” position.

Apply the “Leave it” or “do not touch” command and so he does not eat the treat, and then give him the “Pray” command. Your dog should stick his nose down to the treat between his paws. Command the release, “Amen,” and so give your dog the treat and praise him. For smaller dogs, or if your big dog does not get the chair route, you might prefer to apply a low table. You are able to stand behind him to guide his paws to the table.

14. Sneeze

The sneeze command is an easy one and most dogs can be taught this trick.

Get in front of your dog, and put him in the “Sit/Stay” position. Then “cup” your both hands around your dogs muzzle and gently blow into his nostrils while giving him a verbal cue – “sneeze”. Repeat several times until he sneezes or sniffs, and be quick to reward such behavior with his favorite treats.

15. Turn out the light

Amaze your family and friends with your energy-conscious dog! To prepare for the trick, make certain your dog can reach the light switch on his back legs. If not, you are able to train your dog to jump on a table under the light switch to do this feat.

Hold a treat at the light switch, and command “Turn out the light!” When your dog jumps up to get the treat, make certain his paws touch the top of the switch so that when he comes down he turns off the light. Reward with the treat and verbal praise. But have patience, it is not simple to learn your dog these cool dog tricks.

Once he gets that down, stand away from the light switch and issue the command. Toss the treat nearby when he jumps up and paws at switch. Make sure to give him lots of verbal praise. Eventually, you will not need to give him a treat to perform the trick.

16. Bow

“Bow” is a perfect dog trick to train your dog as an addition to the “down” command. Put your dog in the “Stay” position, get a treat in your hand and face your dog. Now move the treat low to the ground toward his front paws and watch your dog put his head down to get the treat, putting him in the “bow” position. Start introducing the “bow” command soon and work until your dog does the command without the treat and you are able to command him to bow from one side of the room to another.

17. Counting

Your dog, with time and patience, can learn to count. Because this is a complicated tactic, there’s a prerequisite – your dog must know the “Speak” trick and be required to stop with the release word, “OK.” All you do at that point is plug in a number to the command, “What is six, Laska?” When your dog counts to six, you command him to stop with “OK.”

There’s a catch, however – clocking is involved. If you do not combine the “What is” command with a subtle signal, your dog will start to bark before you say the number. Once you begin training him, make a noticeable signal, like a deep nod of your head, once you give the “Speak” command. Nod your head deeply once you give the “OK,” release command, too.

You will need to apply the trick for some time until your dog is trained to respond to the nods alone. Once he has it down, slowly make your nodding more subtle. Once your dog performs the trick with just the most subtle of nods, you are ready for Broadway.

When beginning to educate your dog, always carry a few of his most liked snacks on hand. In addition, a peaceful location without minimum distractions is a big plus. Also, keep the dog training sessions short – let them be thrilling and exciting for both – you and your dog. Remember to offer plenty of rewards and love for good behavior. And the most important thing about teaching your dog tricks is fun for your best friend.

how to train your dog tricks

Since you have that adorable puppy that you’ve always desired you need to choose how you will teach it. A brand new dog can be quite enchanting and loving. With correct training techniques, you can train him/her plenty of co, for example, getting a stick or playing dead. The puppy can safeguard your home and guard your young kids. He/she may also lead your grandma who is having issues along with her vision. Canines are viewed among the wisest domestic pets you can have. If you wish to test your puppies limitations with regards to intelligence and knowledge, then let an expert canine instructor do a great job of coaching.

Nevertheless, if you have the proper levels of tolerance and dedication that most expert canine trainer has, then you can train your pet lots of things, and you will enhance the very best of what your dog can ever be very quickly. For the ambitious trainers, here are a few great dog training tips:

Create a Relationship With Your Puppy

Spend more time with your pet and make a family link with it. Make sure that he/she appreciates you as his/her owner. Show your love and interest for your canine so he/she can develop similar feelings for you too. To make sure that he/she will comply with you, you need to chat, have fun with and give doggie snacks to him/her. Present your dog that you’re his/her caretaker and master.

Work With Correct Tools

Dog training demands correct training supplies. Just before coaching, ensure that you hold the proper tools for the puppy, for e.g., the right size training harness, appropriate stick or balls to fetch, right size seesaw to balance on, and so on. Make sure that the types of materials you employ don’t have serious risks towards the health and the well being of your pet.

Be There For Your Pet

Your pet wants assistance which is your obligation to supply him/her with such. When potty training, ensure that you take him/her outdoors if you notice the signs that of removal. When training him to do different techniques, don’t depart him with the coaching equipment and supplies alone; train your pet using them correctly.

Compliment And Reward

Once your canine does something great or when your pet reacts correctly to your coaching, give him a treat. You can take your pet to the recreation area, lay down with him/her, reward him, pet him/her, offer your pet a snuggle, and/or supply pet doggie snacks for example cookies or sweets. Help make all the coaching workouts fun, and your pet will excitedly react to your time and efforts.

Happy training!