Top 5 Dental Chews for Dogs Based on Ingredients, Features

Below you’ll find our top-ranked dental chews along with their pros and cons. We’ve also subdivided our recommendations, for best overall and natural products, best for large or small dogs and best for chew duration.

If you want to know more about our product ranking factors, read our article on How to Properly Select a Dental Chew for Dogs.

Greenies Dog Dental Chews

Best Overall Product

Top 5 Dental Chews for Dogs Based on Ingredients, FeaturesThis type of dog chew contains a blend of micro/macronutrients that help with your dog’s dental health. The formulation has a flavored and delicious poultry taste that will most definitely entice your dog to chew it for longer.

Each treat contains calcium, phosphorus and teeth-building properties that increase the benefits to the dog’s overall dental health. They also have choline and lecithin which are additional benefits to strengthen his teeth.

The chewy texture of these doggie treats acts as a toothbrush on your pooch’s teeth and also helps to remove food particles from their gums. At the end of the chewing process, your dog’s mouth is usually well protected from plaque and tartar.


  • They help with your dog’s dental health.
  • They have a poultry flavor which is good for your dog.
  • They have plenty of nutrients to keep their teeth strong.
  • They will not trigger any allergies in your dog.


  • They are a little more expensive compared to others.

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Pedigree Dentastix

Best for Large Dogs

Top 5 Dental Chews for Dogs Based on Ingredients, FeaturesThese are designed for large breed dogs, and they help clean up your dog’s teeth, give him a fresh breath and most importantly reduces the occurrence of plaque and tartar. These dental sticks are designed for any dog that weighs more than 30lbs.

They are infused with turmeric and green tea extracts. In addition, they have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and they contain Vitamins B, E, and D.

Because of their stick design, they also help to remove stubborn food particles from your dog’s mouth.


  • They leave your dog with a minty fresh odor.
  • They stop the production of tartar and plaque.
  • They have a delicious taste.


  • These sticks are high in calories and must not be used on dogs that have weight issues.

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Virbac C.E.T. Enzymatic Oral Dental Chews

Best for Small Dogs

Top 5 Dental Chews for Dogs Based on Ingredients, FeaturesThese chews are known to contain high levels of protein, which is extremely important for optimal tissue development in your small dog.

They also contain glucose oxidase which helps with your puppy’s digestive health, and they are known to help in the prevention of plaque and tartar that causes cavities in dogs. In the end, these chews will ensure that your dog fights off unwanted infections in their mouths.


  • They contain high amounts of proteins.
  • They help dogs fight off infections.
  • They protect your dog’s teeth.
  • They help with their digestion.
  • They help with tissue development.


  • The protein levels may cause kidney disease if used too much.

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Pawstruck Natural Cow Hooves for Dogs

Best for Long Chews

Top 5 Dental Chews for Dogs Based on Ingredients, FeaturesThe most unique feature you shall find in the Pawstruck natural dental chews is that they last longer than any other chews in the market. Your dog shall chew and chew and keep chewing. The reason behind this is that they are made from the actual cow hooves, but don’t worry, they are completely safe and healthy for your dog.

These chews do not have any added artificial ingredients and they are natural. They are however a good alternative to cowhide.


  • They are completely natural, which means that they cannot cause any allergic reactions.
  • They do not harm your dog in any way.
  • They are the longest chews in the market.


  • Very strong dogs can easily tear them up.

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Doggie Pit Stop Dog Dental Chews

Best Natural Dog Chew

Top 5 Dental Chews for Dogs Based on Ingredients, FeaturesThese chews are made from 100% smoked chicken breasts and pork snouts. They are natural and free from any additives or preservatives. These chews are also highly palatable and they are made in the US which is a big plus.

They have a delicious flavor in each bite that comprises of the chicken and pork taste, which means that your dog will enjoy every minute of it.

In addition, each chew has high levels of proteins that enable dogs to receive the required nutrients. They also help dog’s teeth remain clean and prevent the formation of plaque and tartar, whiles protecting their gums as well.


  • They are 100% natural which makes them very healthy.
  • They contain high portions of proteins from the meats.
  • They can help your dog to lose weight.


  • These dental chews are very expensive.

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Final Thoughts

Before purchasing any product, be sure to check Amazon reviews for mentions of your dog’s breed and size.

Just a reminder, that our article on How to Choose the Right Dental Chew Product, lists the features and ingredients you should look for no matter the brand or price.