Dental Chews for Dogs & How to Choose the Right Product

Learn how to select a dental chew that will simulate brushing their teeth and reduce plaque buildup, to oral hygiene and your dog’s health. This is because, just like you, your dog can get tooth cavities.

Below you can find the advantage to using dental chews for dogs, like how it cleans their teeth, freshens their breath, and keeps their gum healthy. You can learn how to choose the right dental chew for any dog based on ingredients, size, and your pet’s taste buds.


Dental chews help your dog with issues such as:

  • Bad breath and food stuck their teeth
  • The build-up of bacterial residue and yellow stains
  • Swelling and bleeding from irritated gums
  • Cavities and other forms of dental pain

Cleans Teeth

If you have ever suffered the pain of a cavity, and the fear of visiting a dentist, then you can imagine how your dog feels when they have a cavity.

While it’s may seem impossible to brush your dog’s three times a day, dental chews are meant to simulate the process. The act of chewing for a long duration allows them to clean their teeth naturally. It’s also an effective method of reducing their level of dental decay.

Freshens Breath

Most dog owners love to kiss their puppies all the time, and they quite enjoy it. But if your dog’s breath is horrible, this is not a very enjoyable exercise, and you may find yourself turning away from your dog every time they want to kiss you.

If you want your dog to always have a minty fresh breath, dental chews come in a variety of flavors that help freshen their breath.

Fights Cavities

Dental chews are affordable and nutritious, plus, they help protect your dog’s teeth from cavities.

The mechanical act of simply chewing is actually enough to provide all of the benefits above, but these chews usually are coated with polyphosphate, which is one of the main ingredients in all kinds of toothpaste, and hence, it helps in protecting their teeth from plaque and tartar that causes cavities.

How To Choose

Choosing the right dental chew is extremely important, as different chews have different tastes, and have different administration methods. You need to take time and consider all of the options availed to you so you can end up with the right product for your puppy.

Here are the Top 3 things you need to take into consideration before deciding to purchase any dental chew product:


Inspect the ingredients that make up each dental chew and look out for vague phrases such as “contains meat.” What you need are the specifics about the types of meat included (i.e. lamb, beef, or chicken), as they will determine the taste of the chew.

When you know what your dog loves, you can make the right decision as to which chew will be best for him. Otherwise, you may buy a dental chew with a terrible taste that he will probably not like and hence never use.

Dental chews are usually flavored to make them more appealing to your puppy. In addition, the can also have added nutrients such as Vitamin C and E.


Although most dental chews are labeled for a specific dog size, it is not always advisable to rely on what has been written on the cover.


If you buy a dental chew that is easy to consume and break, it will be useless in keeping your dog’s gums healthy. The best chews are those that can allow your dog to chew them for some time as this is the most effective way of cleaning their teeth and gums.

Pet Approved

If you’re at a loss as to which product you dog like best, buy a variety of them and allow him to choose for himself.

Give them one a day, and check to see which they will chew at length without showing signs of dislike.

Based on their taste preferences, then select the product which has the most nutrients and cleaning power.

Giving Paws

Before purchasing any product, be sure to check Amazon reviews for mentions of your dog’s breed and size and to review our Top Dental Chew Product Reviews.