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Best Dog Breeds For Scared Child or Someone Afraid of Dogs

For small children, teens, or adults with cynophobia, these dog breeds help reduce fear and anxiety by presenting natural comfort zones.

How to Choose

Choosing the right and the best dog for a scared child is a big responsibility, but it’s not as difficult as it may seem. You want your dog to be friendly, easy to train, and playful, right? Well, here’s the list of dog breeds that should do well, let us know in comments should one become your choice!

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1. Bearded Collie

The first option of the best breed of dog for someone scared of dogs is Bearded Collie. This dog is kind, has excellent posture and powerful body to make a great buddy outdoors under any weather conditions. What’s impressive about Bearded Collie is their eyes. The eyes are super friendly! And the fur is very thick! You will have a joyful therapy just by petting him.

You may fall in love with this dog right away after you see these eyes. And yes, the dog has a great character. Not only caring and playful, but you will notice that Bearded Collie dog is quite easy to be trained. Get this dog breeds for kids and watch it becoming such a sweet friend to your kids and the rest of the family member.

2. Beagle

Another type of best dog breeds which you may find so easy to fall in love with. Beagle, one of the cute and rather small dog breeds. The shape of the mouth is rectangular, and Beagles usually have a pair of innocent brown eyes.

What makes beagle dog breed make it to the best dog breeds with scared kids list is how it can be playful and easy to train. Beagle is also a loving dog and has a high level of responsibility. Most assured this breed is always good buddies with kids.
You should also notice that awareness towards the environment around. That’s why you can even rely on it to protect and guard your kids.

3. English Springer Spaniel

There’s no way for you to deny the cuteness of this dog. Another one good option of best dog breeds for shy kids is English Springer Spaniel. This dog belongs to the medium-sized category which makes it so perfect for children above 6-7 years old. Similar to the Beagle, the eyes of this dog are also really friendly. The fact that the ears are quite long and they’re dangling on the sides of the head makes it even more attractive.

This dog is so smart and also active which makes it so suitable to accompany your kids to play around. Not to mention, you will rarely see this member of best dog breeds to laze around and do nothing. It tends to run around the house and be playful, so be ready.

4. Newfoundland

This Newfoundland dog should be your option if you prefer a rather big dog. Yes, the size of this dog breed is gigantic, but you should not worry about it – Newfoundlands are totally safe around your kids.

Despite its size, this dog breed is really friendly to small children and babies, and, of course, the rest of your family members. You can also take this dog to swim – they love it! You will be surprised how good Newfoundland dog can be at swimming.

5. Icelandic Sheepdog

Like the name tells you, this dog originally comes from Iceland. It belongs to the Spitz dog breed family and belongs to the medium size category. This dog has big eyes which look so similar to an almond. What’s so warm about the Icelandic Sheepdog breed is the thickness of the fur. Kids will love this dog and will like to pet this type of dog.

That’s why this dog should belong to the list of the best dog breeds for children who are scared of dogs. If you ever get to pet Icelandic Sheepdog, you should also notice that there’s something special about the fur. The fur is similar to wool, and it’s water resistant. That’s why this dog is so perfect to be chosen for your family dog especially if you live in a cold area. And when it comes to the character, this dog is playful and agile.

6. Field Spaniel

The next of the list of all dog breeds suitable for your kids and family, we have field spaniel breed. Yes, this dog breed is a “cousin” of Cocker Spaniel. What makes it belong to the best dog breeds for someone scared of dogs is the charming looks.

Not only that, this dog loves his family members and also cares for them. If you intend to train this dog, you will find how easy it can be with this breed.

This dog is also really adaptive to the new environment, so you don’t have to worry about taking extra care of it during the first days or weeks you get this dog to the new home. Sounds like another dog breed worth to keep, right?

7. Sealyham Terrier

Sealyham Terrier dog has strong but adorable looks and is so hard to resist. The best dog breed in the world when it comes to finding a great buddy for your kid.

It has a sturdy and somewhat muscular body, which makes it a perfect playmate who barely gets tired. EVER! This terrier dog breed can also stay calm when need and easy to train. What’s nice is about how the dog surprisingly loves his family, and you will figure out how friendly it can be to all people.

8. Old English Sheepdog

As the part of 10 best dog breeds for a scared child, this dog has an elegant appearance. Not to mention it looks clever too with beautiful eyes which can be in the color of blue or brown.

This kind of dog breed has double shaggy fur which can be so great under all types of weather. In addition to being smart, the Old English Sheepdog is so friendly, playful, and adapts easily under any conditions. It will be a great option in your wishlist.

9. English Setter

With such calm, friendly, and intelligent look, it’s so easy to get convinced. Yes, this English Setter dog breed wants to become a part of your family right away and promises to be caring and loving to your kids. Not only that, you will find this dog can go along perfectly with any other pets you may have at home.

Even if you have cats, you will not have any trouble at all. Just make sure you bring this dog for a walk once in a while because this dog is really active.

10. Golden Retriever

The last of the list is none other than the well-known Golden Retriever. This big dog is one of the cutest and most friendly dog breeds you can find out there. You can always count on the Golden and can be sure they are up to something helpful. The mouth is often open as if it’s smiling all the time. And yes, this dog is really trustable and is the best dog for scared child.

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