Do you have a dog that is not as well behaved as you would like? You may want to have a well-behaved dog because:

  • You have a new puppy and you need some help on puppy house training
  • You tried dog house training but haven’t been successful so far
  • You have no idea how to go about potty training a puppy
  • You would enjoy dog ownership more if you had a better behaved dog

Relax and read on about training your dog.

We have looked at several dog training books on Amazon and picked out the most popular for this review page. There are people all over the country who have used these books to train dogs with great success.

When you start with dog training, you need all of the hints, tips, techniques, secrets, and advice you can find and the following books claim to offer the dog training tips you need to succeed and have a well-trained dog who you will enjoy many happy years.