Going To The Dog Park For The First Time? Take These Steps

Dogs park can be a great place for your dog to get physically and mentally exercised.  While dogs don’t need as much interaction with other dogs as you may think, a little here and there is a good idea and exercise is essential.  Unfortunately, your dog can also pick up bad … Read more

5 Tips To Help You Fight Skin Allergies In Dogs

Allergic skin diseases are conditions in which a dog is very itchy, often to the point of losing hair or injuring themselves by scratching, caused by an allergy. There are several types of allergic skin disease in dogs, based on what the dog is allergic to. For example, flea allergy … Read more

How To Stop A Dog From Growling At Strangers (3 Easy Steps)

Aggression is very serious, especially in larger dog breeds that could potentially do damage with the smallest bite. From the little information I have on your actual situation, I’ll give you my opinion on puppy growling at strangers – what’s going on and how to possibly fix it in 3 … Read more

What Does Dog Grooming Include?

There are five major categories of grooming for dogs that owners should pay close attention to regarding their dogs. Some dog breeds require more attention than others because of their physical characteristics, but every dog needs some level of grooming and maintenance. If you are looking to groom your dog … Read more

How To Stop Dog Barking At The Door?

Alert barking is the kind of barking that mostly happens when the doorbell rings or someone knocks on the door, or when the mailman approaches. Alert barking is the main reason why people actually brought the dogs into their lives and homes so many years ago. Humans realized that dogs have a … Read more