How To Stop A Dog From Eating Its Own Feces

Let me start this post by saying that I was more than disgusted the first time I saw our dog Honey eating her own poop. It almost made me gag as I had been kissing that face. Apparently, they have a name for this rather disgusting habit. It’s known as Coprophagia.

Our son rescued Honey from our local SPCA and this eating of her own feces is about the only disgusting habit she came with. She had other issues, but they were easily trained out of her.

I had no clue as to why a dog would eat their feces when they have access to good food and lots of treats so I had to check out what I could find online. I quickly found a few suggestions that might help us break the poop eating habit.

I love Honey, and she was definitely part of the family, however until we got her to stop eating crap I avoided getting my face too close to her face. Fortunately, she didn’t have to go without my kisses for long.

Here is what I found online. Hope it helps your dog.

Change your dog’s food

I learned that one of the most common reasons dogs or puppies eat their poop is due to a lack of nutritional value in their dog or puppy food. However, it might also be that your dog just isn’t getting enough food. We know that wasn’t Honey’s reason as we always see food in her bowl and when it’s empty we fill it, so she is never without food.

But we also learned that the dog food we were giving her might have lacked the proper nutritional value so for this, we paid a visit to Honey’s vet and asked her about it. She suggested we tried a different dog food and gave us a couple of suggestions. Three weeks later the problem was solved so we do believe it was the dog food and not likely that she started listening to our “go away” command.

Try A Deterrent

While scanning Google for more answers to why our dog was eating dog poop I learned that some puppy trainers would add some pineapple or pumpkin into their puppies food. This, apparently, produces a bitter taste in dog’s stool which, believe it or not, can turn your dog away.

Rather than running out to clean up your dog or puppy’s poop immediately trying going out and putting some Tabasco or other hot pepper sauce on their poop and leaving it there for them to munch down on.

It may work although we didn’t try this. We did, however, have a problem with our first dog Shadow who loved to dig up the back yard. We put cayenne pepper in and around the area, and she didn’t enjoy any more.

As I said above that Honey’s reason for eating her poop turned out to be the dog food we were feeding her – it didn’t have the nutrients her body was craving for. It may help to know that she would also eat grass from the yard until she would throw up and that stopped at the same time she stopped eating her poop.

Now I don’t mind giving her lots of kisses and even let her lick my face now and then.

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