Easy Way To Get Your Dog Used To Cutting Nails

Clipping your dog’s nails is one of the hardest things for him to accept. However, if you do not make the effort to trim your dog’s nails at an early age, you might find it almost impossible to do so when he gets older.

Below is a sure way to introduce nail cutting to your dog. Repeat the steps and I’m positive nail cutting will become a standard routine for your dog real soon.

Steps to cut the first nail

To help you to get your dog to allow you to trim her nails, here are some hints on how to get your dog used to cutting nails.

  1. Touch the paw of your dog or puppy and as you do so click your clipper and give him a treat. If your dog pulls back his paw nervously, the next time you click go slower. Your goal is to get him to allow you to touch his paw without him pulling it back.
  2. As soon as your dog is comfortable with you touching his paw, push the clipper a little closer to his paw as you pick it up and move it around. Once he allows you to hold his paw and move it around without flinching, click the clipper again and give him a treat.
  3. Follow the next step by fondling his toes as you separate them and wiggle them around. Do it slowly at the same time pressing on the pads of his paw.
  4. Introduce the nail clipper to your dog or puppy without clicking. Put the clipper close to his paw and get your puppy used to the shiny metal. Let him sniff the nail clipper and if he is not scared to do so, click the clipper and give him a treat.
  5. Put the nail clipper over each of your puppy’s nails but do not click. Add a little pressure on the nails and as you do so click again and if he does not pull back give him another treat.
  6. It is now time to start trimming your puppy’s nails.

Clip the first nail and while doing so, show your dog a lot of affection. Thereafter, click your clipper again and give your dog another treat. When you think that he is ready for you to clip another nail, do so.

Take your time as you slowly clip each nail in a timely manner and try to make it fun. Continue to show him love as you go along and once you are finished clipping his nails, end it with a last treat.

Remember to get a quality nail clipper for your dog or puppy.

Tips for a great doggy pedicure

Trimming your dog’s nails is not difficult, if you know how. You can learn how to trim your dog’s nails by watching an experienced person. This person can be a friend, a groomer or even your veterinarian. I am sure that they would not mind to have you watch them trim a dog’s nails and may even give you a few tips on how to go about clipping the nails.

There are dogs whose nails may never need to be trimmed. Such dogs are those that are always outdoors playing and running around. This helps to wear down their nails and keep the nails fairly short. Then there may be dogs whose nails just flake off on the ends keeping them short without you being aware that this is happening.

However, most breeds of dogs such as the Dachshunds or the Basset Hounds definitely needs to have their nails trimmed to keep them short and below are some tips on how to make it right from the very beginning.

Do not clip too short

When you are clipping your dog’s nails be careful not to clip the nail too short. If you clip the nail too short, it could bleed and you may get frightened if you are a beginner.

Purchase a good nail trimmer

Before you can start trimming your dog’s nails, the first thing you need to do is to purchase a nail trimmer. Ask your veterinarian or someone at the pet store to recommend a good nail trimmer.

Start clipping from the tip

When you are trimming your dog’s nails make sure that you start by clipping from the tip of the nail going upward. Place the nail between the openings of the trimmer and squeeze firmly to cut through the nail. Make sure that you keep the trimmer on the white area of the nail.

As you trim higher up, you will see a pink area. Avoid cutting this pink area as it has blood vessels that will bleed.

Dark and white toenails

Certain breed of dogs has toenails that are so dark that you may not be able to see where the white ends and the pink begins. If this is so, clip the nail a little piece at a time starting from the tip and check the nail as you go along. You will notice that the dead part of the nail looks white.

You will also notice, as you clip higher up, that the area starts to look dark. Be careful not to cut any further as you are reaching the live area of the nail.

Clip the nail

Once you are ready to clip the nail, squeeze the handle of the trimmer firmly and quickly and allow the piece of nail to fall off. When you have finished clipping the nails of your dog, you can file all the ends.

But rather than filing the nails, which takes time to do, you can take your dog out for a walk on the sidewalk or on the street. The walk will help to file down his nails.

Stop any bleeding

When clipping the nail of your dog, if accidently you cut it too short and it starts bleeding, take a piece of tissue and hold it against the nail applying some pressure for a short while. This will stop the bleeding.

Also, to help you stop the bleeding, have some corn starch or flour near you. Put some of it on the affected area and this will help to stop the bleeding.

Another quite popular method to stop the bleeding is to use a styptic powder.

If you notice that a few minutes have passed and your dog’s nail is still bleeding or if you notice that he is losing too much blood, then its best you call your veterinarian and ask him to come see your dog.

Trimming the nails of your dog is not a difficult task and you should not be afraid to clip them. If you wish, you can trim the nails once every week or you can clip them bit by bit.

However, you must understand that it is necessary to trim your dog’s nails, and that clipping his nails by no means causes him any harm.

Choose the right nail clipper

Types of dog nail clippers

There are different types of nail clippers for dogs. Your choice of a nail clipper would depend on the size of your dog and what his reaction is when you clip his nails. The main types of dog nail clippers available are the three types mentioned below.

Scissor type

The first kind of dog nail clipper is the scissor type. This is a small nail clipper that is easy to use on small dogs with small nails. It works just like a pair of scissors.

Guillotine type

The second kind of dog nail clipper is the guillotine type. This type has an opening on the end where you fit in the dog’s nail. It uses a guillotine action to clip the nail.

This clipper is used on dogs that do not move around a lot or struggle too much. It is also used on small dogs or medium-sized dogs. However, the blade on this type of clipper is not big enough to cut large and thick nails.

Pliers type

The third kind of dog nail clipper is the pliers type. This type, which you can hold in one hand, has a safety guard at the top just behind the cutting blade. You can use this clipper to clip the nails of small or big dogs alike. If you use the clipper correctly, the safety guard will help you to avoid cutting the quick of your dog’s nail.

In the plier’s type nail clippers, they have both regular and heavy duty clippers. So, if you have a big dog, you are able to get the appropriate nail clipper to cut his nails.

Other types of dog nail clippers

You can also get other types of dog nail clippers. There are the nail grinders, or sander, which are also called pet nail trimmers and the dremel tool. All these tools work in the same manner and can be purchased at the hardware store or online at a place like Amazon.

A sander is a rotating tool that has a small sanding drum that fits at the bottom of it. Some sanders work with electricity and others work with batteries. They function at different speeds so you can control the speed you want. Carefully touch your dog’s nail with the sander while it is working and it will sand off fragments of your dog’s nail.

If you use the sander properly, your dog will not feel any pain while you sand his nail. Work the sander on the outside of the nail but be careful not to touch your dog’s quick. Remember to control the speed of the sander. The higher the speed, the more nail you sand off so you will have to be very careful not to sand off too much of his nail.

Most pet nail trimmers bring different accessories with which to trim your dog’s nails and they are specially made so that the tool is safe to use.

The pet nail trimmer and the dremel tool work much slower than the professional trimmers.

Some owners complain that they have difficulty cutting the thick nails on big dogs with these trimmers. So when you are cutting the nails on big dogs, it’s better to use the professional trimmer.

Additional tips

It doesn’t matter which type of dog nail trimmer you use to clip your dog’s nails, just make sure that you trim your dog’s nails regularly.

When you are clipping the nails of your dog, make sure that you cut off a little piece of the nail at a time. It is safer to cut little bits at a time to make sure that you do not cut the nail quick.

Also, make sure that you have a small bottle of styptic powder handy in case you cut your dog’s nail quick by accident.

Should this happen, put some styptic powder on the injured area to stop the bleeding. Exercise extreme caution when trimming your dog’s nails because if you are always cutting his nail quick he will be afraid the next time you want to clip his nails.

Depending on the type of dog you have, choose from either the scissor type, the guillotine type, or the pliers type.

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