Best Time To Start Training A Puppy

Training a dog should be fun for both of you, there is no need to spend hours relentlessly urging your dog to perform for you, as this will only frustrate you and allow your dog to become bored. Make your training sessions fun for your dog and reward him with … Read more

How To House Train An Older Dog

Having the right techniques and strategies when housebreaking an older dog are not the only things that you need in order to have a successful training. Before you get into house training an older dog its essential that you are well prepared. Housebreaking An Older Dog Here is a list … Read more

Puppy Potty Training Guide

First of all, when it comes to potty training a puppy there are a few things you should learn to expect. Firstly, potty training puppies will never be completely predictable no matter how many puppies you’ve trained. This is not to say it doesn’t get easier (and it’s not that … Read more

Dog Keeps Jumping Fence? Five Tips

You may think your fence jumping dog is a canine Houdini. Nothing can keep him in the yard. He believes a fence is nothing more than a small bump in his road to freedom.But a dog who keeps jumping fences can meet a bad end. Many of these furry escapees … Read more

How To Stop A Puppy From Destroying The House

If your new puppy is chewing up everything in his sight when you are definitely wondering how to stop a puppy from destroying your house. Here are ten training tips for puppies that can help you end this problem. 1. Puppy-proof Your Home Make life a lot easier for both … Read more